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Nov 2012

About Dr. Adam Fogelman and Alchemy Healing Studios

“Your Health is a Reflection of How You Choose to Live!” Through his research and studies, Dr. Adam Fogelman adopted a paradigm called the “Triad of Health.” This “triad” is denoted by an equilateral triangle listing the three basic causes of health problems. They are structural, chemical and mental; the structure being the foundation, the base of the triad. All health problems, whether on a...

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Mar 2010

About Dr. Fogelman

Dr. Adam D. Fogelman was born and raised in New York. At an early age, his passions were reading, writing, drawing and creating. When he was eighteen, he took that creativity and moved three thousand miles to Arizona, where he attended Arizona State University. Through his trials and tribulations as a student, Dr. Fogelman realized that his life’s work was to help as many people...

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