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13 Mar 2016

You never know how good you feel, until you know how bad you feel!

People may think being unhealthy or getting sick are conscious choices. They are to an extent, but for most of us, we don’t realize we’re making poor choices, until it’s too late.

There’s no user manual that tells or shows us how to use our bodies as we grow up. Instead of being proactive with our health, we are reactive.

For many, we learn how to be healthier in our bodies and minds, only after we’re no longer feeling well and our daily activities and rituals that keeps us balanced and whole, are hindered.

Maybe we shouldn’t expect our society, or our government to take care of us, provide healthy food choices, clean environments and less stressful work situations. Maybe it’s time we change our mindset and stop living the way we were programmed to live.

It’s important that we take back our health and our power to make better choices. It’s important to take ownership of who we are, responsibility for our actions, educate ourselves and make the necessary changes, to live the life and have the health you’ve always wanted.

Your health is a reflection of how YOU choose to live and how you choose to live, is a reflection of the choices YOU make!

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Dr. Adam Fogelman

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