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Work Smart, Play Hard, Live Healthy!

Work Smart, Play Hard, Live Healthy!
02 Aug 2015

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify!”

~ Henry David Thoreau

To be an adult, means you have certain responsibilities thrusted upon you; either by society or by that of your own choices.

Whether bills and taxes, owning a home, building a career, creating a legacy, taking care of yourself and your health, finding balance, having a family… your life can get and seem to be overwhelming.

Most of us grow up so eager to become an adult, but when we are adults, most want so badly to go back to being a kid.

Our lives seem hurried, somehow defined by the lists of “things to do.” Days seem to fly by even though we’re awake. We begin to crave that simplicity we once knew. That carefree attitude of waking up in the morning, wondering what and when we’re going to play.

It’s difficult work, trying to stay balanced, stress-free, healthy, allowing enough time for your passions, your purpose in life, your friends, family, significant other, and above all, yourself.

I wish this society looked at “health care” as true health, not diseased care. Pay a doctor to remain healthy, not get healthy. Look at their bodies as temples, and honor themselves in such a manner.

Find your purpose, work your passion and figure out how to make money from that. We spend a third of our days working and too many, are working in a job they do not enjoy. Define “wealth” for yourself. Figure out how much money you need to live the life you want. No one ever said society needed to dictate why and how. Don’t overspend and live within your means. Enjoy life a bit more and play harder than you work.

Love freely and with reckless abandon, as if you’ve never experienced the pain of heartbreak. Learn to love yourself, with all your flaws and imperfections, knowing full well, the person sitting across the table is doing the same. Respect yourself and believe others should as well. Know who you are, your value and what you want. Work through and heal old wounds from past experience. Date with a purpose. Don’t perpetuate the dating bs, currently plaguing our society.

Travel, see the world, learn about other cultures and grow tolerance, patience and gratitude.

SIMPLIFY… Your thoughts, your things, your lists, your worries. Where we are today, doesn’t have to be, where we wind up tomorrow!

ALCHEM(Y) = you (choices)


Dr. Adam Fogelman

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