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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? That is the question!

24 Feb 2015

Vaccines are a hot topic in today’s society. Many new parents, as well as people in general, are wondering if they should vaccinate their children or not, if they should do the recommended schedule or do a tiered scheduled, so the infant doesn’t get so many immunizations at once, overloading their body and newly-formed immune system. Others are wondering if they should get the yearly flu vaccine or the vaccination for chicken pox.

These days, I get a lot of people asking me for my professional opinion, as well as my personal preference. Whether patient, client, friend or otherwise, my answer is always honest, unbiased and consistent. I believe that everyone needs to research for themselves and decide what they feel is best for their children. The truth is, not one of us health professionals, will have a better answer than what your research comes up with. If anything, you can take that research to a health provider you trust and ask them questions.

With that said, this article seems to want to bring some “sanity,” to a very “insane” topic of discussion. Your choices should be your own! Make them as consciously as possible.

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Dr. Adam Fogelman

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