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The Unravel Quotient: How To Attract Real Love Into Your Life

The Unravel Quotient: How To Attract Real Love Into Your Life
31 Aug 2015

In order to find true love, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable, open to finding it, exploring it, and someone exploring who you are.

We go through life weaving in and out of each experience as we grow from child to kid to adult. Take the atmosphere you grow up in, add to it the people you were surrounded by then, add the experiences you have as an adult and then the people you surround yourself with today.

We inherently learn from our experiences and subconsciously, we protect ourselves at every cost and every turn. We don’t like to feel pain, hurt, overthink, and have that hollowness in your stomach from a void left by the one you opened up to be with.

As we continue to have these experiences that mold us into who we are today, they pile up on one another like, adhesions, scar tissue, like layers of an onion. We go into each new relationship a bit less open, but satiate ourselves into believing that we are open enough and that this time will be different.

The problem lies in peeling a layer or two away, but the onion is still intact, with the core nowhere in sight. I believe, to truly walk with another, to find that one love that will allow freedom, understanding and unconditional love, you not only have to continue stripping the layers, but you have to take a very hard look at yourself.

Allow authenticity and vulnerability. Allow your ego to take a hike, allow yourself the pain and the hurt. Learn from them, realize it’s not who you are and realize who you want to be. Allow the one you are with to do the same. Walk the path with them and allow them to do the same.

Unravel together and get to the core of who you both are. Until you learn, surrender and grow… only then, will you be authentic, vulnerable and open enough to have and receive the love you want and so richly deserve!

ALCHEM(Y) = you (choices & mindset)

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Dr. Adam Fogelman

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