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Some perspective and a whole lot of gratitude!

Some perspective and a whole lot of gratitude!
25 Feb 2015

In today’s society, It’s very easy to become frustrated, irritated and/or distracted with things we think really matter; car breaking down, not finding enough time to work out, forgetting to eat a meal, paying bills, not making enough money, etc.

If you put these frustrations, irritations, distractions and problems into perspective, especially from a more worldly perspective, you may realize that these problems, aren’t problems at all. I am sure that there are certain individuals, who would love to have the problems some of us complain about on a daily basis. After all, 75% of the world’s population, is living in poverty! There are people who don’t have food, water, shelter or clothes/shoes to wear.

Perspective! What we think, we create! What we create, we attract! If your thoughts are positive, the energy you put out will be positive. If your thoughts are negative, the energy you put out will be more negative. Whatever energy we put out, is what we will attract back to us.

The next time you feel compelled to complain about something in your life, ask these three questions: 1. Is this going to matter tomorrow, in 10 years? If the answer is “no,” then maybe you should learn to let it go! 2. Is this a situation I can control? If it is, then change things accordingly, to make them more favorable. 3. If this isn’t a situation I can control, how can I respond to it in a better way, as opposed to reacting to it?

Be grateful for what you have at all times. You’ve heard the saying,” those who don’t have much, are the happiest people.” A good practice to get into, whether keeping a journal or otherwise, is to make a list of 10 things you are grateful for every evening. You’ll see! As you begin to do this more and more, read back over what you have written, you’ll realize you are far more blessed than most.


Dr. Adam Fogelman

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