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The Healthiest Way To Drink Coffee

The Healthiest Way To Drink Coffee
29 Jan 2014

The healthiest way to drink coffee, is actually not to drink it at all. Over one hundred million Americans drink coffee for one reason or another. Whether it be for taste, to help wake you up, keep you warm, give you energy to start your day, etc., for 83% of society, drinking coffee is a morning ritual.

A healthier way to drinking your coffee is to drink it while eating food. The reason for this, is that coffee is highly acidic. As the body increases in acidity, the lining of the digestive tract can be eaten away, micro organisms like bacteria, yeast, fungus, cancers, etc. can grow, the body becomes dehydrated, causing stools to become harder mimicking constipation, muscles tend to dry out faster and become tighter, etc. Eating food while drinking coffee, helps to soak up some of the acidity, which will act less negatively on the body.

Drinking coffee can also cause a myriad of other physiological issues. Your Adrenal glands are the anti-stress gland of the body. One of it’s main functions is to provide energy throughout the day. It does this by making a hormone called adrenaline. When you drink coffee on a regular basis, the body is being artificially stimulated. As the body continues to be artificially stimulated, the adrenal glands become stressed and the amount of adrenaline made becomes much less. Over time, the body begins to depend more on the artificial stimulation from the coffee, as opposed to the adrenaline made by the adrenal glands. This is why many people feel a spike in energy as they drink the coffee, but then begin to crash a bit later, ultimately needing to drink more caffeine to give them more energy, to sustain themselves throughout the day.

Another hormone released but the adrenal glands and affected by drinking coffee is the stress hormone known as cortisol. This hormone is normally released by eating healthy fats and protein, but when released by drinking coffee, cortisol increases abnormally. As the amount of cortisol increases, stress on the body increases, your energy lowers and it can block your ability to lose weight.

It may be a myth that decaf coffee is better to drink than regular coffee. Although regular coffee has caffeine in it, whereas decaf does not, most decaf coffee will have artificial and chemically oriented products that have been used on it, or in it, to remove the caffeine from the coffee bean itself. If you’re going to drink decaf coffee, it is best to use a product called “Swiss Water Process.” This decaf coffee is made using a special filter process and can be found in some coffee shops.

Some healthier ways to drink coffee… It is best to drink one to two 8 ounce cups before noon. Your body is normally regenerated and more able to process the caffeine earlier in the day, rather than later. Once the coffee is actually brewed, it becomes more acidic as it sits. Drinking the coffee within the first 15 minutes of being brewed, is actually healthier. Espresso may even be a better, healthier choice to coffee itself, since it is in smaller quantities and sits for less time.

Other tips include adding almond or rice milk, as opposed to adding cow milk. Adding honey or stevia as sweeteners, as opposed to adding sugars and other artificial sweeteners, etc.

A healthier alternative to drinking coffee, is to drink some kind of caffeinated tea. 160,000,000 million people drink tea in America alone. There are several different types of tea with caffeine in it; black tea, green tea and white tea, to name a few. These teas have some caffeine, but less than coffee and have a high amount of anti oxidants in it as well, that can help stimulate the immune system.

Here’s to your morning, to your day, and to your health!

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